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The Art of Colour on Metal
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The Art of Colour on Metal
Advantages of Galvanising:
  • Ensuring long service life
  • Less maintenance required
  • Applied within hours
  • Abrasion-Resistant coating
  • Available for any sized items
  • Offers complete protection
  • Applies toughest coating
  • Complete coverage
  • Preventing Corrosion
  • & more...
Hot dip galvanising

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Hot dip galvanising provides a protective coating like no other. Applying this protection increases the life span, durability and predictability of the metal / steel it is applied to. This coating provides outstanding abrasion resistance, the reason being once applied, this coating becomes part of the very steel surface it is protecting.

Before the galvanisation process, products are firstly shot blasted, to remove all paint & residue. This ensures that there is a clean, smooth surface and ensures that the surface adhesion is greater.

Any product that is galvanised with zinc is stronger, as zinc makes a layer of steel or iron-zinc alloys…

It is estimated that four percent of the world’s GDP is lost through corrosion each year. By using the process of galvanisation, this will ensure that the life-span of the metal is much longer than if it is left untreated.

We have the facilities to galvanise virtually any types and sizes of products, from small point of sale signs, right through to crane arms.

What is the process of Galvanising?

The process of galvanisation is where a product, made of steel or iron, which can break down over time due to rusting, is coated in a protective layer of zinc. The most effective galvanisation process is hot dipping. During the hot dipping method the iron or steel is cleaned thoroughly before being dipped into flux-molten zinc.

Zinc reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide and this reacts with the carbon dioxide in the air to form zinc carbonate which stops further corrosion. Generally less reactive metals such as copper, nickel and silver are not used as the costs are high and there is the potential to crack, and this causes the rusting process to begin again.

If galvanisation is not exactly what is required, we also provide a powder coating service and shot blasting.

  • Hot dip galvanising
  • Hot dip galvanising
Applies a protective layer of zinc to the metal
Increases the life span up to 50 years*
Protects against corrosion & rusting
Available for any size of products

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